How attitude can help in football

Whether playing competitively or for fun, the physical nature of Football can be relentless and tough. Image Credit Enduring 90 minutes of rigorous sprinting and tackling in the ambitious desire to win means that preparation is key in Football as is the training that is needed not only for the skills required but also for […]

Why a more expensive car can cost you less

The idea that buying something with a higher price tag might cost you less than something cheaper is completely counter-intuitive, but in the world of cars, it can actually be true. We are talking about your everyday domestic vehicle. Unless you are lucky enough to win the lottery, the chances of you owning a Formula […]

How to Dress for a First Date

Congratulations! You’ve bagged a first date with someone you think you might like, and you are really looking forward to it. The only question in your mind now is what to wear. Should you dress down in your jeans, or should you wear your favorite dress? Image Credit Dressing for a first date can be […]

What Does a DUI mean for my Life?

The choices you make in your daily lives can carry weight for the rest of your life. The age of majority for alcohol is 21 and that age, these choices still matter. Despite all the advertising and information that is available concerning alcohol, young adults need reminders of the repercussions that come from drinking and […]