Top Irish festivals and Events

People love celebrations, especially large events and mass gatherings because they bring us closer to each other in a fun and entertaining environment. After all, who doesn’t like to have fun? And the more, the merrier, as the proverbial wisdom suggests. Irish people are no exception. They love to fill local pubs and go out on the streets to celebrate together with their peers on any relevant occasion. This is why their festivals are some of the most vibrant and entertaining events that you could go to. There are so many different Irish festivals – something for every taste. So, whether you live in Ireland or you’re just visiting, you’ll most definitely find something interesting to attend. Here are our personal recommendations:

  1. Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade

This is by far the most grandiose celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  It takes place on or around March 17 and it brings an entirely new appearance to the city, making it truly worthy of the “Emerald Isle capital” title. It brings together hundreds of thousands in a massive celebration of Irish culture and heritage.  If you don’t really enjoy this kind of larger-than-life events, you could go to a small town or village parade instead.  It’s a great occasion for the Irish and non-Irish alike to come together in joyfully inebriated solidarity.

  1. Puck Fair, Killorglin, County Kerry

Speaking of inebriation, we must also mention Ireland’s oldest fair and drink-fest. It takes place every year on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August. On this celebration, people go up into the mountains, catch a wild goat, bring it back and crown it “King Puck”, and then go on to drink and have fun till morning the next day.

  1. The Festival of Curiosity

If you prefer more family-friendly activities, then you might enjoy The Festival of Curiosity. It takes place between July 16 and July 19, and it aims to celebrate science, arts, design & technology in an interactive environment. There are events and activities for all ages, so you might want to bring your whole family with you.

  1. Fleadh Cheoil

If you want to enjoy an authentically Irish experience, then you should attend the Fleadh Cheoil Festival. It is the largest Irish music and dance festival, and it brings together hundreds of thousands of people every year. Although it is mainly a competitive event, it also includes many concerts, céilíthe, parades, and sessions. Irish singers and composers compete to win prizes, and dancers parade their Irish dancing shoes to the rhythm of the music in order to carry on the tradition and keep their heritage alive.

  1. Galway International Seafood and Oyster Festival

For gourmands, there is the Galway International Seafood and Oyster Festival, “Ireland’s longest-running and greatest gourmet extravaganza”. The festival is held on the last weekend of September, and it supposedly celebrates “the first man bold enough to eat an oyster”, at least that’s what the famous satirist Jonathan Swift claimed.  All in all, it is a great opportunity to enjoy some finely cooked oysters, seafood, and some Guinness.