Website Fonts May Be More Important Than Graphics

Simply having an eye-catching design isn’t enough. Yes, a website should be aesthetically appealing, but if fonts haven’t been considered, all accompanying text won’t convey information clearly or efficiently. The point of your website is to communicate to your audience and if you don’t achieve this, they will seek answers elsewhere.

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Research has been conducted into the use of fonts and as the Chartered Management Institute states, choosing the wrong font can result in your message being lost in a vast amount of other information.

In Bristol web designers should always work closely with you and your business to create a cohesive design with efficient communication at its core. Clever font incorporation will ensure that visitors to your website will never have to look elsewhere for information.

Message Communication

Your core message should always be displayed in the largest font within your design. Think of it like a title to a novel. It should be the piece of information you have identified as being the most important message for your audience. It may detail who you are, the services you offer, or an answer to a question. Any other important information should be displayed in a slightly smaller font, which will act as subheadings or chapter titles.

Colour can also be used to attract attention. Say you have a pot of pencils and they are all black aside from one that is red. Your eye will be drawn to the one red pencil rather than the larger quantity of black pencils. Knowledgeable web designers will be able to advise on font sizes and colour palettes to ensure communication is as direct and effective as possible.

A Variety of Fonts

While it is unlikely that you will want to incorporate too many different fonts into one design, variations can be used as a way of visually identifying different types of content at a glance. At established agencies such as Really Helpful Marketing who are a Branding Agency Gloucestershire  company, experience and skill are the heart of the team. As such, they will be familiar with designing and  collating a variety of fonts that work cohesively together.

Effective communication relies on many different factors, but ensuring that you don’t overlook the fonts you are using should help to make things a lot easier.