Important Tips For A First Date

So you finally managed to pluck up the courage, take the plunge, and agree to a first date. Now comes the panicking, spending hours choosing the right outfit, and enduring what could potentially be an extremely awkward encounter. Why did you even agree to this in the first place? Better cancel.

Hang on, before you start working yourself into a frenzy, take a deep breath and remember a few important things about a first date. It doesn’t have to be stressful and nerve-racking at all. In fact, many tend to forget that dating is supposed to be about, first and foremost, having fun.

Dress For Comfort, Not Glamour

Many tend to pour hours into deciding what to wear, assuming that a certain item of clothing may just be the key to success. Yes, it is important to make a good first impression, but this effort is more often than not completely wasted. The key here is to wear something comfortable, but also fashionable, with an emphasis on comfort.

Smart casual is almost always the way to go, though adjustments could be made depending on the venue of choice. The mistake to avoid is dressing up like you’re accepting a lifetime achievement award at a swanky event, only to land up in a casual restaurant. As a rule, dress like you would be going to that venue regardless, without the added factor of it being a date.

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Going on a first date doesn’t mean that you’re making a decision on a life partner. Dates are supposed to be about chatting, spending some time together, and having fun. Naturally, thinking of a date as a life-changing event is going to make it stressful. Of course, it would be a stressful situation, if that were the case.

Rather focus on the date as an excuse to go out, experience something new, perhaps enjoy a meal and a few drinks, and have an interesting conversation. If you enjoyed yourself, consider going on a second date. Any thoughts beyond that will serve to do nothing more than generate undue anxiety.

Choose A Fun Activity

Lastly; everyone knows the romantic comedy cliché of a couple heading to a fancy restaurant on a date, only to feel awkward due to the suffocating environment. But then, as the couple shed the pretention and head to a more comfortable alternative, they start to get along.

This is a cliché because it is true. Choose a venue that you are comfortable with, rather than one that will make you feel uneasy. Better yet, why not choose an activity that you’ve always wanted to try? That way you’ll have the excitement of a fun experience, combined with the benefit of having a good company for the occasion. It’s the perfect recipe for a good time, regardless if you decide you want to see other people romantically or not.