How To Boost Your Office’s Productivity

The never-ending struggle of being a manager is having to get the staff to produce without burning them out. An overzealous manager can ruin morale by pushing everyone too hard. The double-edged sword comes when a manager isn’t pushing hard enough and they are reprimanded for a lack of production. This balance can be tough to figure out but once you do, your team will be running at their top level. The following are some ways that you can boost productivity in the office nearly immediately.

Staying Organized

With all of the technology available today there shouldn’t ever be a missed meeting or deadline. The fact that somebody simply forgot isn’t an excuse as many things can be automated to remind you about the deadline. Something like the ECAL calendar allows the users to sync the events on their calendar to their smartphone. The people involved with the event can even send updates if a call needs to be pushed back an hour. Stress organization with your staff as mistakes that cripple productivity tend to happen when people are unorganized and unprepared.

Take A Look At The Processes

A large misconception is that just because numbers have stalled and plateaued means that the staff is working less hard. This couldn’t be further from the truth but they might not be working at smart as they should be. Take a look at the highest performers in the company and ask them how they approach their day in a detailed manner. This will allow management to compare were some of the lower performers are wasting some time. Tweak processes to see what yields higher numbers but only tweak one thing at a time. Too many changes being made at the same time can make it hard to identify what works and what might just give the illusion of boosted productivity.


Tapping into the competitive nature of many people and bring some fun into the workday. The prizes will generally be a fraction of the money that you see in increased profits. Selecting teams and allowing them to compete can be a great bonding experience for the staff. Make sure that you thwart any type of negativity about the contest. If someone doesn’t want to participate that is fine but they are expected to get great numbers that month.

As you can see it is not an impossible feat to boost the productivity of the office. Remember that each office is different so what works at one company may have to be modified for another company. This is because each staff has a different feel and energy than others. Figuring out what motivates and energizes your staff can be quite a lot of fun to figure out. Don’t let your company hit a plateau and get your staff running at the highest level possible.