What Does a DUI mean for my Life?

The choices you make in your daily lives can carry weight for the rest of your life. The age of majority for alcohol is 21 and that age, these choices still matter. Despite all the advertising and information that is available concerning alcohol, young adults need reminders of the repercussions that come from drinking and driving. If you are over the age of 21 and enjoy having a good time, these 5 reminders of what DUIs mean for you may be helpful the next time you are out and about.

  1. No Driver’s License

Your driver’s license means that you have the freedom to move around freely, whether for a job or your daily life. However, a major consequence of a DUI conviction is that license being suspended ranging from as short as 6 months and up to 2 years. This can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless about your job or independence. To be able to get your driver’ license back may mean counseling or classes, extending the amount of time you spend without transportation.

  1. Lots of Money Spent

A DUI can also mean a lot of money spent on your bank account. Instead of spending money on necessities or leisure for yourself, you’ll find that a DUI requires that you spend money on high fines and court fees. Fine amounts range from $500 to $2,000, making a major dent in your finances. It also means higher insurance rates for you as a driver, making the money you pay monthly go up. Therefore, whether in the long or short term, you will spend a good amount of money because of this mistake.

  1. Limited Travel Abroad

There are the obvious and widely known consequences of a DUI but limited travel and immigration abroad is one that you may not often think of. After you are charged, you are able to travel within the US as before. However, concerning travel out of the country, it depends on the country and their laws, what they consider a criminal offense. While some countries do not restrict travel, there are others, like Canada, which do consider a DUI as a criminal offense. Therefore, place very strict restrictions on visitors with such an offense.

  1. Permanent Record

This conviction whether it is a felony or misdemeanor will remain on your permanent record from then on. A DUI can raise red flags for anyone that conducts a check on your background in the future. What this can mean for you is not qualifying or just hindering when you apply for jobs, colleges, scholarships, or even housing. Potential employers would be able to see your mugshot and fingerprints, leaving a less than positive impression.

  1. Disappointment and Regret

Having addressed the more noticeable consequences of a DUI, there are also the more subtle ones but they are just as important. A DUI can affect your personal life and those involved as well. You may begin to have feelings of regret and embarrassment over the decision and the consequences that follow. The people that surround you whether it is family, friends or professional relationships may begin to express a sense of disappointment in what has happened. It can leave you feeling helpless and lost. In the end, these emotional problems can often have much more serious and detrimental effects on you.

The decision to get behind the wheel while drinking is one that can take place in less than a couple seconds. The consequences that come to that decision can follow you for the rest of your life. A DUI brings effects that cannot only affect your wallet but your future and your mental health. Remembering what devastating consequences can come from this decision can help prevent you from making that mistake in the future.