How to find a reputable boiler engineer

If you are looking to have your boiler serviced, one very important factor should be considered; is the engineer registered on the Gas Safe Register? Reports have shown that a startling amount of homes has been found to be in ‘immediate danger’ by the Gas Safe Register because of work carried out by engineers who are not qualified. Rectifying a job done by an illegal engineer is not just pricey, it is extremely dangerous. Accident and Emergency departments nationally see patients who are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, caused directly from faulty boilers and central heating systems. This is the risk involved when allowing an uncertified engineer to work in your home.

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The Gas Safety Register

Engineers on this register are qualified enough to work on your boiler and to carry out repairs on the central heating system. Engineers who will work on the heating system are required to be on the register as the consequences of shoddy work could be very dangerous and could put people’s lives at risk.

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When searching for an engineer, it is of utmost importance that you use someone on the Gas Safe Register to carry out boiler servicing Cheltenham residents are at risk of being in danger because of inadequate work carried out by illegal engineers.

The Gas Safe Register carried out checks and found that in all of the cases they investigated, the work had been carried out by illegal engineers who were not on the register. When looking for an engineer to carry out boiler servicing Cheltenham homeowners should check the register and remember that even if the person they have asked to do the work is trained, they may not actually be of a good enough standard to carry out works safely.

Find the right person for the job

It is very important to make sure the engineer is on the Gas Safe Register before you book them for boiler servicing Cheltenham residents can easily check this by visiting the register online

The boiler and central heating systems in our homes are so vital to our everyday lives, it is important to have work done well and by certified engineers. Performing a quick and simple check on the Gas Safety Register could be the difference between a job well done and a disaster.