Top 5 Sports for Cardio Fitness

Doing cardiovascular exercise has a myriad of benefits that improve your quality of life. While most people think of it as a purely heart-strengthening endeavor, it also boosts your immune system, reduces muscle and joint pain, improves your sleep, and prevents age-related loss of cognitive function.

When most of us think of cardio, we think of activities like running, calisthenics, and other grueling exercises that are generally not very enjoyable. If you struggle to motivate yourself to do regular cardio exercise, try taking up one of these 5 fun and cardio-intensive sports with a friend or group. The best way to inspire yourself to move is to find the exercise that you enjoy.


Not only is rowing a fantastic cardio workout, but it also strengthens every major muscle group – including your core. Almost every town or city that is near a large enough body of water has a rowing club. Rowing is a low-impact aerobic workout, which means that it puts minimal strain on your joints. It will also help improve your posture and burn a high volume of calories in a short amount of time.


Racquetball is a sport that only requires you and a partner, so you don’t need to join any teams or clubs if that’s not your thing. It is an exceedingly demanding aerobic sport that requires near-constant motion and sharp reflexes.

Racquetball is the perfect sport for those seeking to improve their agility and fitness while burning lots of calories at the same time.


Swimming is fantastic for those who want to get fit but don’t like getting too sweaty. The water will keep your body temperature cool while still giving your cardiovascular system, muscles, and endurance a rigorous workout.

Swimming, like rowing, is a low-impact aerobic exercise. While cardio exercises like running and tennis are notorious for causing joint pain and even long-term tissue damage, swimming allows you to train your body in a gentle yet effective way.


The rapid shifts between walking, jogging, running, and sprinting in soccer are highly effective at increasing your fitness and endurance. This team sport is not only fun to watch and wager on, it is full of high-intensity bursts of aerobic activity combined with agility and technical skills that will train your body to move in unique and useful ways.

Soccer will build your stamina, especially if you join a club and play regular full-length matches. While each club abides by different rules and structures, the length of an average soccer match is 90 minutes broken into two 45-minute halves.


Although buying a decent bicycle might be expensive, you can also join a spinning class or use a stationary bicycle at your gym to get the same benefits. Plus, if you cycle at the gym you can play at while you work out. Cycling is one of the best forms of cardio, and promotes joint mobility, muscle strength, flexibility, and bone strength. 

Going for a bike ride in the morning or early evening can be a stunning way to train your body and get some fresh air at the same time, whether it’s with friends or solo.