How to choose the right shelving or racking system

It may not be the most exciting decision you’ll ever make, but choosing the right shelving or racking for your garage or business is more important than you think. It will make the organizing, storing and finding of items easier, as well as making the space safer.

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Do I need racking or shelving?

The main difference between racking and shelving comes down to the method of storage. Items that are being stored via pallets and fork-lifts require racking, whilst smaller items, or items that are organised by hand, require shelving. Those looking for solutions for a stock room or home garage will usually require heavy-duty shelving, whilst an office usually needs more lightweight shelving. Only those looking for a solution for a warehouse or large storage facility may want to consider a racking system.

Good order

Good shelving will maximize wall space whilst minimizing floor use. This gives you more room on the ground whilst also providing plenty of space to store all your important tools or goods. Look out for shelving units that come in a range of depths, heights, lengths and shelf numbers, so you can easily choose the right one for the space that you have available. The best systems can therefore be tailored closely to your garage measurements.

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Durability is king

Garage shelves are likely to be called upon to store heavy boxes, tools, tins of paint and even appliances. That means that it’s imperative that the shelves you choose are heavy duty. For heavy duty shelving UK suppliers can offer units constructed in a rust-proof metal such as steel and powder-coated for extra protection.


The best garage shelving heavy duty shelving in the UK will also come with the right fittings, so that you can safely fit it to the concrete or brick wall of your garage. This prevents the shelves from falling or tipping, which is a potential danger to both you and any family members who may enter the garage. This is one of many ways to keep your garage safe for children.

When deciding on shelving or racking, think carefully about the space you have, what you are storing and whether it can be safely installed. Look out for heavy duty, durable shelves and versatile systems that can be ordered to your exact requirements.