A Look At Why The Money Line Bet Is So Popular In Major League Baseball

The money line bet, also known as the “to win” bet in some parts of the world, is a highly common bet in all sports betting. It is the basic wager on who will win, and its simplicity tends to make it the easiest and most reliable, and therefore popular, of all betting types. From the beginner novice to the seasoned veteran.

Of all the different sports though, it is arguably Major League Baseball where the money line bet is the most popular and commonly used. This is owing to some particular factors in and around the sport that are fairly unique.

Historically Dominant Teams

Those who are new to MLB should be aware of the long history of prevalently dominant teams in the sport. Though the odds are by no means fixed or pre-determined, and anything could happen, it is nevertheless usually the predicted favorites that tend to win. Furthermore, a wealth of information can be found online, in news and media, about the sport, and regarding each team and player. This makes it very easy to track their performance over time. Checking the matchup of pitchers to batters is a particularly common method of predicting outcomes, and checking the odds and outcomes of future bets over time can help to identify trends.

Either way, the general consistency of winning teams has made the money line bet a staple go-to for MLB sports betting. Though simple, it is nevertheless still very much worthwhile learning to understand and utilize it, and the given odds, to their maximum benefit.

Understanding The Odds

In most sportsbooks in the US, the odds for money line, and other bets, are given with a plus and minus symbol. Known as “American odds” to the rest of the world, they indicate the underdogs and favorites respectively, as well as show how much one stands to win. The following is a basic example of money line odds:

NY Yankees        -200

LA Dodgers         +150

Here, the NY Yankees are the favorites, shown by the – symbol, and the LA Dodgers are the underdogs, shown by the + symbol.

The Yankees are the safer, though more costly, bet, and would require risking $200 to win $100. Risking a $100 wager on the Dodgers, on the other hand, will pay out a profit of $150 should it win. The latter may seem tempting, though as mentioned, the success rate of underdogs vs the favorites is usually fairly predictable in MLB. Most bettors, therefore, tend to go with their favorites.

Finding The Best Money Line Odds

Each sportsbook generally sets its own odds for any given sport, team, and game. Above and beyond that though, many sites are now available that focus entirely on providing the latest updates, stats, and info such as going odds, best picks, top ratings, etc. These can become invaluable tools and guides for betting online.

Otherwise, it is generally worthwhile exploring the different sportsbooks available and comparing their odds, while checking for things like good customer service, secure and timely payout, and favorable reviews.