5 things every man needs in his wardrobe this autumn

As days become shorter and you can already feel the crisp air when you go out for your late-night walks, it can only mean one thing: autumn is almost here. Apart from the rainy days, the Halloween movie marathons, and the return of the SPL in Starbucks, autumn is also the perfect time to dress up in your cozy clothes. Today, we’ll talk about 5 things, clothing, and accessories, that every gentleman needs to have in his wardrobe this fall.

A thick sweater

A jumper is a must for the sweater weather that is waiting for us, so don’t cheap out and make sure you’re getting a high-quality one. Wool is the best fabric to go for, and neutral colors such as white, beige, black, or navy will be the easiest to pair with every other pair of bottoms from your wardrobe. The classic crew neck design suits everyone, so we would recommend getting it if you’re only starting to put together your autumn closet.


Choose a headwear depending on your fashion sense and lifestyle: a knit beanie if you enjoy more casual outfits, a warm baseball cap if you would describe your style as sporty, or a flat cap such as the Irish caps to create elegant ensembles. A tweed or woolen Irish flat cap like those flat caps https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/accessories-irish-hats  would be especially good for autumn, since it can both keep you warm and protect you from the sun rays, depending on the weather. Plus, since it looks so sophisticated, it can elevate any outfit you put together, regardless of how basic it looks at the first glance.

A leather bag

No matter the job or occupation that you have, a leather bag is something every gentleman should have in his wardrobe this fall, whether it is a classic briefcase or a backpack. This accessory is both elegant and practical, as leather is a durable and resistant material that can carry all your belongings without being affected by sudden weather changes. Black is the most universal color to choose when looking for a bag, but if you already own one or simply looking for something more colorful, brown leather bags are just as good.

Leather shoes

Shoes are something that you cannot cheap out on, especially during autumn when the temperature changes every day and your footwear can be affected by unexpected rain. Look for a pair that would give you all the protection you need while still looking good when combined with other clothes and accessories that you have.  A pair of black leather Chelsea boots or some lace-up boots would make just the right addition to your footwear collection.

A pair of gloves

With all the harsh winds and cold temperatures that are waiting for us this season, protecting your hands with a warm pair of gloves is a necessity. Now you have countless options to choose from, whether it is a classic pair of leather gloves or some modern knitted touchscreen ones. However, if you want something truly special, you can get the gloves that were tailored especially for you; it will make a great investment, as your hand size usually doesn’t change too much once you become an adult and you will have your own pair that fits you perfectly.