Helpful Tips for Getting a Tanzanian Visa

Before you go to Tanzania, you must have all the documents required to apply for a visa. In this article, you will learn what documents you need, the length of the validity period, and the cost of a Tanzanian visa. Getting a permit is not easy, so be sure to take a few helpful tips to make your application as stress-free as possible. Also, do not forget to purchase travel insurance if you need to cancel your trip.

Documents required

The documentation required for a Tanzanian visa varies depending on the purpose of your travel. Generally, you will need a passport copy, a digital passport-type photo, and your itinerary. In addition, you will need to submit a business letter of introduction on company letterhead, stating your reason for traveling, the name of your company in Tanzania, and your financial guarantee for any expenses you incur while in Tanzania.

To obtain a Tanzanian visa, US citizens must present certain documents. To be approved for access, you will need to have a valid passport for at least six months beyond your planned stay in Tanzania. This document is also required for an e-visa, which can streamline the process and be ready before you leave. For more information, visit the Tanzanian embassy website. You can also contact the Tanzanian embassy in your country of residence.

Validity period

The Tanzanian visa is valid for up to three months. Applicants must submit an application form, a valid passport, and two recent passport-sized photos. If they are traveling with minor children, parents must sign the application form, and professional and business travelers must present a letter of invitation and intention. Applicants must ensure that all information is correct on their visa application form. Keeping these points in mind, they can ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

An original bank statement from a Tanzanian bank confirming that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover the trip to Tanzania is required. Online bank statements are not acceptable. A hotel reservation in Tanzania must be confirmed with the applicant’s name and the length of the trip. Pre-paid reservations are required at some hotels. If you plan to travel to Tanzania for business, you must contact a business representative to arrange the visa. You can also extend the validity period of your Tanzanian visa to 90 days if needed.


If you plan a vacation to Tanzania, you may wonder how to obtain a visa. There are several options available, but the process is typically not difficult. The Tanzanian Embassy in Washington, DC, can help you with visa information. They can also help you apply for a visa. You must provide a valid email address to receive the e-visa. Once approved, you will receive your Tanzanian visa in your email. To apply for a visa to Tanzania, you must pay a small processing fee. Visa applications can be paid for online using a debit or credit card. After you confirm payment, you’ll need to choose the option that best fits your needs.

When planning your trip to Tanzania, you should get a valid passport. The cost of a Tanzanian visa varies but typically ranges from $20 to $100 for a three-month validity. Most embassy websites encourage visitors to get a visa before leaving home. There are several places in Tanzania to obtain a visa. The most popular entry points are the airport in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro, which both accept US dollars in cash.

Travel insurance

When traveling to Tanzania, make sure you purchase travel medical insurance. This type of insurance covers emergency medical treatment and can save your trip if something goes wrong. If you have any preexisting conditions, travel medical insurance will provide coverage for sudden onset of illnesses, air ambulance costs, and more. You can find an affordable policy online. Read on to find out more about this type of coverage. In Tanzania, you will need a valid Tanzanian visa.

There are several types of travel insurance available in Tanzania. Some plans cover Covid19, which is a bacterial disease. If you’re going to Tanzania to see the Maasai Mara, you’ll need to buy Covid19 insurance before leaving the country. You can purchase the policy online and print out the Covid19 insurance certificate. It’s essential to understand the requirements and benefits of each plan before buying one.

Dress and behavior standards in Tanzania

If you want to visit Tanzania, read up on the country’s dress and behavior standards before you leave. Tanzanians are very polite, but you should remember that you may be subject to silent tsk-tsks if you make cultural mistakes. For example, don’t kiss strangers in public or wear inappropriate clothing. While it’s unlikely that you will face any problems, you may encounter some tense moments in public.

If you’re planning on visiting Zanzibar, you’ll need to make sure that you wear modest clothing and refrain from displaying affection in public. Tanzania is deeply conservative, so men and women should cover their shoulders and knees. Foreign women can wear trousers or jeans but should avoid showing too much skin or shoulders, especially in public places. And don’t forget to cover up, especially if you’re visiting the Muslim community. Bikini tops are unacceptable in Stone Town, as it’s against the law.