How to prepare your wardrobe for autumn

The summer heat is fading away, which means that it is now time to prepare our wardrobe for autumn. Save your delicate, thin summer clothes for better times and transition your closet to fit the cooler fall days. Here are a few steps to make throughout this process:

Make an inventory

First of all, you need to make an inventory of all the things that you already own and to decide whether you would like to continue to keep them this year. Take everything out of your wardrobe and make sure to count how many pairs of each item you own so that you could have a better sense of what outfits you can put together and what other pieces of clothing you would need to purchase. This way, you can declutter your wardrobe by donating or getting rid of the clothing that you are not planning on wearing anymore so that you can make room for new, modern garments.

Fix your clothing

If any of your clothes need to be repaired, such as a pair of jeans or a knitted cardigan with a few little holes, don’t toss them away.  Instead, try to remember your arts and crafts classes from school and try fixing or even redesigning them into new, unique garments. You can make a great pair of shorts out of your old jeans by just cutting them; the same goes for worn-out t-shirts that can be turned into tops or pretty much anything else; you know the drill. This way, you will not only create interesting garments but also upgrade your wardrobe in a sustainable manner.

Do your research

Now that you have redesigned a few of your garments and you have a clear idea of what clothing you would like to purchase, it’s time to do your research.  Go online and check out your favorite online stores’ most recent autumn/winter collections. See what designs and trends are popular this season, and then go online to get the greatest and most affordable items that you want. Cable knit wool sweaters, for example, are the season’s hottest trend, so if you’re looking for one, go to Tara Irish Clothing and get an original Irish cable knit sweater that will help you put together fashionable outfits this autumn and will be a durable garment in your wardrobe.

Put together outfits

After you’ve purchased everything you wanted, it’s time to put up outfits. There are countless combinations to go for, and it will be much easier if your entire outfit is mostly composed of one or two main colors, such as white, beige, and gray. This way, it will be very simple to create both casual and more formal looks, such as for school or the workplace. Don’t put away all of your summer clothing just yet; they’ll come in handy during the early autumn days. Try on and play around with your clothes to come up with some amazing ensembles for the cooler months. Autumn fashion is all about trying new things and having some fun.