Tips for choosing the best bed sheets for your room

Considering the average adult spends a third of their life in bed, it is pretty important to make good choices when it comes to buying bed sheets. Comfortable sheets can make the difference between an amazing sleep and an uncomfortable one.  This is the good thing about a Residential Park Homes company who let you choose your accessories like bed sheets, curtains and furniture.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy your park home life.

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Bedtime should not feel like a punishment, but a time in the day we look forward to, and an opportunity to relax and be comfortable. If you need help choosing the perfect bed sheets for your room, this guide may prove to be invaluable to you and your family and friends.

Pick the right material

Personal preferences and practical considerations are both key factors in this decision. Silk sheets may be on your wishlist, but if you regularly share a bed with pets or sticky fingered offspring and need bedding that can be laundered really easily, they are sadly impractical.

Cotton is a popular material for bed sheets due to its versatility. It’s warm on cool days and refreshing when it’s hot. It lasts a long time and it can be blended with other materials to create different feels. Linen sheets are also great at keeping sleeping bodies comfortably cool, but again they are expensive, and ironing is essential.

Sheets made of satin-like material are a good compromise for those who crave bedding that looks and feels glamorous, while being easy to care for. Jersey bed sheets provide year round comfort and that unbeatable snuggly feeling.

Look at the thread count

Don’t be fooled into thinking the highest numbers represent the best products, as the type of cotton used is considered to be equally important. In this Forbes guide, it’s suggested not to go too low, and 400-450 really is high enough for a great bed sheet, providing it feels good when you touch it.

Get the right fit

Avoid bed-making stress by choosing the correct size sheets, taking into account any extra deep mattresses or foam toppers.

Patterned or plain?

To a large extent this comes down to personal taste, but for the best value, choose bed sheets with colours and designs which won’t date, or clash if you decide to redecorate.